Crafting Dream Interiors

Transforming Spaces: The Art of Luxury Remodeling in New York City

Welcome to Essential Design & Build. Located in the center of New York City, we specialize in changing both commercial and residential spaces into deluxe retreats that mirror our clients' preferences and ways of living.

Craftsmanship Meets Innovation

At Essential Design & Build, we take great care to focus on every detail and commit to high standards. Founded by Peter Hartofilis, our skilled team members make your ideas real mixing lasting style with new technology. We have the skills to exceed your hopes if you want a modern penthouse with big city views or a fancy office that sparks creativity.

Residential Remodeling: Building Your Dream Home.

Your home is your safe space, a place to relax and enjoy nice things. Our home remodeling services aim to make spaces that are pretty and useful. We make great kitchens that make cooking fun and bathrooms like spas that give you a break from the busy city. We make sure every detail is great.

Think about returning to a place that shows comfort and style. Our design team listens to you to learn what you need, like, and how you live. They make a home that is just for you. Whether it is changing the whole house or just fixing up one area, we make your ideal home real with great skill and quality.

Commercial Remodeling: Making business spaces better.

In the business world, making a good first impression is important. The look and feel of your business space influences how people see your brand and their experience. At Essential Design & Build, we focus on making commercial spaces that work well and look great.

We provide remodeling services for many types of businesses such as high-end retail stores stylish restaurants contemporary offices, and fancy hotels. We know how crucial it is to create places that boost work, encourage creativity, and make a strong effect on clients and customers. Our team makes sure that everything, from lighting and layout to the materials and finishes matches your brand's identity and objectives.

Why Choose Essential Design & Build?

  • Expertise: Our long experience in the luxury remodeling business gives us a lot of knowledge and skill for every job.
  • Quality: We choose the best materials and partner with reliable suppliers. This helps us maintain top quality in every aspect.
  • Personalized Service: We focus on what you need and work hard to be better than you hoped.
  • Innovative Design: Our designers keep up with new trends and use fresh ideas to make spaces that are both modern and lasting.

Let's Transform Your Space

If you want to renovate your home or improve your business environment, Essential Design & Build is ready to make your dream come true. Peter Hartofilis started our company to offer outstanding service and unmatched quality. Reach out to us today to arrange a consultation and start turning your area into a work of luxury.

Essential Design & Build was one of the best choices I made to have a full gut job done to my manhattan apartment.  Not only were they reliable they were on top of it all and in a timely manner .  I couldn’t have gone with anyone else.  They are my go to when I need a job done.

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Delta Airlines
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