Long Island City Residence

The room was closed off in several areas, with a large foyer that separated the entire space. We removed all of the partition walls and created a new location for the stairs to make the space look bigger and more inviting.


Long Island City, NY


June 20, 2024


Residential Build Out

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For the basement, once the mold was removed, we installed a sump pump and built an efficient exterior drainage system to ensure the basement would never flood again. We increased the height of the basement from 5 feet to a comfortable 8 feet. To achieve this we had to add a solid foundation below ground level to support and strengthen the structure (a process known as unpinning). This project was a successful collaboration between our design, structural engineer and architect, creating a more inviting, modern aesthetic with earthtones to create a warm and cozy ambiance.

Much to our client’s satisfaction, our no change order policy guaranteed that their budget would remain untouched. Standard industry practice would have many other contractors charge thousands of additional dollars in change orders. In the end, the clients were thrilled with their new modern bathrooms, featuring high-end, beautifully detailed marble tiles.

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